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Is a Cyprus Specialty

On the island of Cyprus in the Eastern Mediterranean there is a garden with a natural spring.
The native Greeks call this spring Yeroskipos, which means the spring of the holy garden.

Legend has it that it was with these natural spring waters that Aphrodite ( Goddess of love) skilfully  created a most enticing dessert which she shared with her many lovers, for , it seemed to posses wonderful powers of enchantment.

As the potency of this delicacy became known and desired all over the land, the recipe, which Aphrodite had kept secret, was soon discovered by the Sultans of Turkey and shared with their harems.

Centuries later this legendary APHRODISIAC continues to be made by hand following Aphrodite's original recipe. It is also made with the same natural waters from the Holy garden located near the seashore where Aphrodite was born.

The Greeks call it Lokumi while the Turks named it Rahat Lokum.
Here in America this lovely delicacy will be remembered always as APHRODITE'S DELIGHT.

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