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Mystery Guest Hotel Reports


We visit your establishment with reservations made through any channels you wish to test. Our reports include but are not limited to:

  • Reservations and booking service.

  • Reception - Efficiency and welcome

  • Porter and bellboy - service

  • Room cleanliness and standards

  • Hotel Restaurants - Food, service and billing

  • Hotel Bars - Atmosphere, team work and cash

  • Health Clubs and Facilities - Service and cash

  • Pools and Sports Facilities

  • Room Service - Service and billing

  • Children's Facilities

  • Nightclubs and Entertainment facilities

  • Secretarial Office Services 

  • Grounds and maintenance

  • Courtesy cars and transfers

  • Menu, In house video and printed matter proofing.

We rank each service with a detailed report and a percentage score. This way regular reports will show general and specific trends in all areas.


We guarantee the utmost confidentiality in all our dealings with your organisation. Great care is taken to preserve our anonymity. Reports are only given to authorized personnel.

We can pinpoint where staff are failing.


Visits may be by single business people, couples or families, dependant upon the emphasis of the report required.

We are based in and near the Middle East.


All of our mystery guests are experienced in the Catering and service sectors.

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